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Things You Didn't Know - About Memory Foam Pillows

Issuing time:2022-04-25 15:32

First,let us understand what is memory foam?

Memory foams are so-called"viscoelastic" polyurethane foams or low resistance polyurethane foams(LRPu). It is made by adding various compounds and additives to thepolyurethane that vary depending on the type of foam produced. Polyurethane isa very common and versatile plastic polymer used in the production of a varietyof materials and products, including furniture such as sofas and mattresses, aswell as insulation, liquid coatings, and primers, spray foam, elastic fibers,automotive parts, Even tough elastomers like hob wheels.

Second,what is a memory foam pillow?

As the name implies, memory foam pillowsare made of memory foam. First introduced within pillows in 1992, memory foamis traditionally made of a dense, closed-cell structure so it retains heat andis very strong. Due to the heat, sleepers will feel hot when they sleep, andtraditional memory foams are no longer suitable for sleep products. Open-cellmemory foam was then developed, which is a softer version of memory foambecause it has air pockets throughout, making it less dense and better forairflow. This type of memory foam is often described as spongy and soft to thetouch. It's more affordable than traditional memory foam and better suited forpillows, so it's carried over.

Then, what shape do memory foam pillows usually take?

Most memory foampillows are designed for side or back sleeping, so it's designed with a specialcontoured shape. Such as the   HOMCAmemory foam cervical pillow, which is ergonomically designed to help supportand align your head, neck, shoulders, and back in a neutral position, which isvery friendly for people with cervical spine problems and can relieve painduring sleep.

Last, how to maintain a memory foam pillow?

1. Please do notput memory foam pillows in the washer or dryer as this will damage the memoryfoam and shorten its lifespan.

2. Memory foampillows should be kept out of direct sunlight as this will age and yellow thememory foam material.

3. The main rawmaterials of memory foam pillows are polyurethane and polyether. The physicalproperties are relatively unstable, and it is easy to oxidize and yellow whenexposed to air. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid not covering the pillowcasefor a long time.

4. Memory foampillows become very heavy after absorbing moisture and it is not easy to removeall the moisture, so try to keep memory foam pillows in a dry state.

Hope the above content can help you learn more aboutmemory foam pillows.